Q: Can you engrave on my crystal goblets?

A: Yes! We engrave them on the upper bowl and they look gorgeous!


Q: I’ve got a Montan Blankan pen, can you engrave it? (spelled wrong on purpose)

A: Yes, look at our photo gallery and see for yourself how beautiful it is.


Q: Have you ever engraved a Roles watch? (spelled wrong on purpose)

A: Thousands, literally. We do a great job and make that special gift perfect.


Q: Do you sell any merchandise?

A: No. We engrave items you already own.


Q: We just bought a flask at a store down the street from you, can we bring it to you for engraving?

A: Of course you can, it’s what we specialize in!


Q: If I come in on Friday afternoon with our rings, can you engrave them while I wait?

A: Sure, there is small a rush fee though.


Q: I’d really like to have our company logo engraved on quite a few items, can you do that?

A: We’ve been servicing the engraving needs of small and large companies for 25 years. No problem.


Q: How does your pick up and delivery service work?

A: On Tuesday and Friday we have a driver who goes to all our wholesale clients (retail stores) from Palo alto to San Francisco. You need to have an account set up with us and we need to get the call for a pick up before the driver passes your area. The pickup and drop off is free and your job will be returned the following delivery day.

Q: Do you have volume discounts?
A: Yes, just ask and we'll quote your order on an individual basis.

Q: Is your work guaranteed?
A: 100% for quality and handling. If you are not happy we will make it right for you every time.

Q: Is my order private? Will anybody else see it?
A: Your order is only seen by Heirloom Engravers employees who are very discreet. We know a surprise gift needs not be spoken about.

Q: I just received an item I ordered on the internet and it's really engraved poorly, can you fix it?
A: Probably. Give us a call to discuss it, or better yet bring it in for us to see.