If you cannot make it into San Francisco (117 Post Street, Inside the Shreve & Co. Store) with your item to be engraved you may drop off your engraving or embossing jobs at the following locations. Heirloom Engravers will pick up the work on Tuesdays and Fridays. Most jobs are returned the following delivery day, usually in the morning.

These locations have all Heirloom Engravers literature including pricing and are skilled at helping you create that gift that will become a treasure:


​826 Santa Cruz Avenue

​Menlo Park, CA


Dominick's Jewelers

​905 Laurel Street

San Carlos, CA


White Dove Jewelers


​This location is closed, John is retired and we miss him.

​If you have a girt store, Jewelry store, or Stationery store and would like to find out about becoming an Heirloom Engravers Drop Off Location please do call to discuss.